Should You Really Have a Blog?

Hopefully by now it’s pretty clear that the solution is a powerful yes, however i’ll conclude here.

In case you’re a professional photographer, you ought to have a blog in 2016. Customers are getting personal again, as well as a blog lets you leverage that shift. It’s also perfect for SEO, marketing, encouraging word of mouth, engaging your past, present and future clients, and sharing your hard work. No-brainer.

Even though you’re just getting started on your journey to being a real estate photographer, setting up a blog early will constantly increase your personal brand. You’ll get into the habit of blogging consistently, and you’ll be getting some awesome advertising when you’re a full-fledged pro!

If you’re a hobbyist? Well, there’s really nothing better than a blog to talk about your passion with to your friends and people close to you! They’ll turn out to be your biggest source of support while you’re learning. And guess what? Someone might come across your work, and even hire you based on your unique vision! Your photography blog may be your ticket to the pros.