Partnering with Florida Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery is big business everywhere. It is an industry that fuels other industries also. As a real estate agent, I see some of the most successful agents in the business work hand-in-hand with cosmetic surgery centers. In Florida, boca raton plastic surgeons partner with real estate agents by sending them referrals for home buyers. Another industry that is booming thanks to cosmetic surgery is real estate photography.

In South Florida, there are beautiful people everywhere you turn. Some of that beauty is the result of the skillful helping hands ofplastic surgeon cosmetic surgeons. Because beauty sells, real estate agents are turning to plastic surgery centers to find some of the most attractive people to showcase homes through photography. In previous times, some of the big real estate agencies would partner with local modeling and talent agencies. However, with so many plastic surgery centers in South Florida, they figured they would cut out the middle man and go directly here to the source.

I have a friend who was approached by another real estate agent to be photographed for a spread in a home magazine. I figured she was registered with a modeling or talent agency, but found out she was not. Instead, this real estate agent happened to know of a plastic surgeon personally and asked if she could recommend anyone of her clients that might be interested in doing this sort of thing. Initially, my “HIPAA violation” meter flew into overdrive, however, my friend revealed to me that she signed consent a form that addressed the issue of pictures and advertising.

Partnering with cosmetic surgeons to get models for home photos is not a practice that I would ever get into for my own ethical reasons. But, it is nice to know that industry professionals are finding innovative ways to collaborate.