Real Estate Solar Photography

Real estate photography is going high-tech. Solar companies are using drones for commercial photography advertising rooftop solar electric systems. You might think that using drones for real estate and solar panel photography might be expensive and reserved for only the largest commercial real estate agencies. You would be wrong though. That is because advances in technology have made drones easy to use and surprisingly affordable.  

Take this into consideration. Using commercial drone photography is actually cheaper and safer than using a helicopter. A friend of mine is a photographer and recently got into drone photography to take aerial pictures of solar installs. It’s funny because his new career combined his passion for photography with his former career as an aerial camera specialist with the US military. Over the course of 3 months, he was able to get amazing shots of every step of the process for a local solar installer working on a massive commercial project.

His pictures were amazing. He captured everything from the groundwork involved with the installation to the intensive rooftop that typically takes place with larger commercial jobs. It was a long road for him, but he was able to get the necessary permission to operate the drone to take pictures with a drone. Just like any photographer shooting outdoors would do, my friend had to consider weather patterns as a real factor in when he could shoot. It took some planning, but finally he finally got a weather window that cooperated with him and he took it. His shots are amazing.

Drone photography is expanding and not just to capture images of solar electric systems. Those little drone can be used for everything from determining the potential energy output of an area, to performing quality assurance inspections. Technology is definitely changing the real estate and solar photography industry for good.