Limousine’s and Real Estate in St. Louis

St. Louis DrivewayPhotographing luxury homes can include many expensive props and staging to ensure the homes are up to buyer’s standards. One prop that is appearing in many real estate photographs is limos. While you might think this only happens in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, you would be wrong. In St. Louis, for instance, real estate agents have taken to hiring photographers to snap pictures of a home’s exterior with the presence of a limo in the driveway. Of course, most families do not pull up to their driveways in a limo. So, who is target market for this type of prop and what gives?

While an everyday couple or family may be on the real estate hunt for a cozy, comfortable home, some people buy property for a variety of other reasons. Some people purchase real estate in order to have vacation homes, rental property, work-life offices or party houses (believe it or not). For the person looking to buy a home to do more than just live there, staging limos in real estate photos is a great way to add an unusual but interesting touch to garner more buyer interest.

St. Louis limo service ( has partnered with many local real estate agents looking for that added touch of class for their home photographs. Because they have a fleet of limos to choose from, this limo rental company is primed to not only take over the limo rental market in St. Louis, but the real estate photography market as well.

As unusual as it may be, the real estate market can be cutthroat so throwing in a few limos to simulate class and luxury, and make a sale is as good of a tactic as any if it drums up more interest than the competition.