The Art of Hospice Home Photography

Photography is often called the beautiful hustle. That is because many photographers often shoot for various industries in order to diversify their portfolio or simply make ends meet in a more creative way. Our team knows that hustle first-hand! Recently, some of our real estate photographers have gotten together to lend their talents to the interesting field of hospice care photography.

Hospice care facilities often hire photographers to shoot pictures for advertising brochures to help bring in more patients. When I heard this was an actual field of photography, I thought it was a great idea. I know when my family was considering hospice care for my grandfather, we looked at many brochures and “virtually” toured some facilities as well. One of them, Hospice Care Atlanta, stood out. Although my grandfather did not end up in hospice care, we were impressed with how well the staff not only marketed their services with pictures, but how knowledgeable and caring they were.  

State of the art hospice photography and hospice virtual tours is big business. That is why real estate photographers have partnered with hospice and palliative care centers in Atlanta to provide quality photos for marketing purposes. Think about it. Pictures advertise everything from homes and cars to clothes and shoes. That is an “in-your-face” type advertisement, however. With hospice care photography, the goal is to subtly show potential patients and their family members the benefits of choosing a particular facility as opposed to another.

At the end of the day, the photography business is all about showcasing a message. Whether you are a real estate photographer or a freelance photographer, your job is to convey a message to an audience much like a writer. Our real estate photographer are skilled in their craft enough to successfully convey different types of messages. They are the best in the business, not matter what business that may be!