Home Renovation Project

houseTaking pictures for a design studio that focuses on home renovation is a gig that most photographers would dream about. Imagine that you got that job. All the beautiful landscape and interiors would be amazing to shoot. And yet, could you imagine having to work around “containment” areas for garbage in the midst the home renovation job you were shooting? That would be a problem and it is certain that you would rightly protest not having a tidy set. In the case of asbestos removal, containment is actually a “thing” that might lead to a junky set for you to shoot during a home renovation project. Even though it may not seem like a great plan, there are instances when leaving the hazardous material may be more advantageous than total removal.

Asbestos control, sometimes called asbestos abatement, can be a desirable solution for many factors. Initially, even with all the fanfare about it, there are instances when asbestos does not cause any risk to people. Of course, that’s provided that it stays undisturbed and in its original manner. Asbestos is not a problem on its own. It is the strings that can be forced out that present trouble. Once those fibers are breathed in, they become a big complication. What service providers like asbestos removal Atlanta do is test for the presence of the material before any redesign work is done. Once a renovation team opens up walls or clears a popcorn ceiling, any asbestos found there will surely be discharged into the air, causing a substantial health hazard to any person who inhales it.

Back when I worked for a photography agency, I had a colleague, Derek, who was leaving his career to start work with his father’s asbestos and mold removal company in Atlanta. That’s a crazy transition, but it is what he ultimately wanted to do. It was a family business that he had a profound knowledge of. So, when I was preparing to buy my house, I asked Derek about doing those tests. I also wanted to see if there were ever any economical methods to control or contain the material if it was found. I was shocked that a property owner could merely employ a company to come in and do standard servicing to guarantee any asbestos contained on the property remained undisturbed. Also, he let me know providers take care of asbestos in a couple of ways that include conducting building surveys and hazard assessments; performing standard inspections and analysis of materials; and more. It seemed like a suitable option given that there were no current problems.

I know that if Derek had been presently partnered alongside his father and the family business and they were based in Atlanta instead of Houston, I would have chosen them without question. As is stood, I was able to find a reputable, dependable business in my backyard. Because I had so much knowledge from Derek, I was not anxious making the call to find a provider. I knew I had already gotten some rather excellent advice from my co-worker. I was able to clearly express my concern about asbestos in my home. The company I chose was happy to send a representative to show up and examine the house. They present final word to me on the most effective way to move forward given their findings. Thankfully, my house had just a touch of asbestos that was found in an un-permitted part of the property. I was able to have it enclosed and removed during a long weekend.

Generally, if you are buying a house or taking pictures for your dream job at a design firm, it is best to realize the simple presence of asbestos is not cause for concern. However, if you are considering a new home for your family, I would still recommend asbestos extraction over containment if you can afford it.


Partnering with Florida Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery is big business everywhere. It is an industry that fuels other industries also. As a real estate agent, I see some of the most successful agents in the business work hand-in-hand with cosmetic surgery centers. In Florida, boca raton plastic surgeons partner with real estate agents by sending them referrals for home buyers. Another industry that is booming thanks to cosmetic surgery is real estate photography.

In South Florida, there are beautiful people everywhere you turn. Some of that beauty is the result of the skillful helping hands ofplastic surgeon cosmetic surgeons. Because beauty sells, real estate agents are turning to plastic surgery centers to find some of the most attractive people to showcase homes through photography. In previous times, some of the big real estate agencies would partner with local modeling and talent agencies. However, with so many plastic surgery centers in South Florida, they figured they would cut out the middle man and go directly here to the source.

I have a friend who was approached by another real estate agent to be photographed for a spread in a home magazine. I figured she was registered with a modeling or talent agency, but found out she was not. Instead, this real estate agent happened to know of a plastic surgeon personally and asked if she could recommend anyone of her clients that might be interested in doing this sort of thing. Initially, my “HIPAA violation” meter flew into overdrive, however, my friend revealed to me that she signed consent a form that addressed the issue of pictures and advertising.

Partnering with cosmetic surgeons to get models for home photos is not a practice that I would ever get into for my own ethical reasons. But, it is nice to know that industry professionals are finding innovative ways to collaborate.


Real Estate Solar Photography

Real estate photography is going high-tech. Solar companies are using drones for commercial photography advertising rooftop solar electric systems. You might think that using drones for real estate and solar panel photography might be expensive and reserved for only the largest commercial real estate agencies. You would be wrong though. That is because advances in technology have made drones easy to use and surprisingly affordable.  

Take this into consideration. Using commercial drone photography is actually cheaper and safer than using a helicopter. A friend of mine is a photographer and recently got into drone photography to take aerial pictures of solar installs. It’s funny because his new career combined his passion for photography with his former career as an aerial camera specialist with the US military. Over the course of 3 months, he was able to get amazing shots of every step of the process for a local solar installer working on a massive commercial project.

His pictures were amazing. He captured everything from the groundwork involved with the installation to the intensive rooftop that typically takes place with larger commercial jobs. It was a long road for him, but he was able to get the necessary permission to operate the drone to take pictures with a drone. Just like any photographer shooting outdoors would do, my friend had to consider weather patterns as a real factor in when he could shoot. It took some planning, but finally he finally got a weather window that cooperated with him and he took it. His shots are amazing.

Drone photography is expanding and not just to capture images of solar electric systems. Those little drone can be used for everything from determining the potential energy output of an area, to performing quality assurance inspections. Technology is definitely changing the real estate and solar photography industry for good.


Limousine’s and Real Estate in St. Louis

St. Louis DrivewayPhotographing luxury homes can include many expensive props and staging to ensure the homes are up to buyer’s standards. One prop that is appearing in many real estate photographs is limos. While you might think this only happens in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, you would be wrong. In St. Louis, for instance, real estate agents have taken to hiring photographers to snap pictures of a home’s exterior with the presence of a limo in the driveway. Of course, most families do not pull up to their driveways in a limo. So, who is target market for this type of prop and what gives?

While an everyday couple or family may be on the real estate hunt for a cozy, comfortable home, some people buy property for a variety of other reasons. Some people purchase real estate in order to have vacation homes, rental property, work-life offices or party houses (believe it or not). For the person looking to buy a home to do more than just live there, staging limos in real estate photos is a great way to add an unusual but interesting touch to garner more buyer interest.

St. Louis limo service ( has partnered with many local real estate agents looking for that added touch of class for their home photographs. Because they have a fleet of limos to choose from, this limo rental company is primed to not only take over the limo rental market in St. Louis, but the real estate photography market as well.

As unusual as it may be, the real estate market can be cutthroat so throwing in a few limos to simulate class and luxury, and make a sale is as good of a tactic as any if it drums up more interest than the competition.


The Art of Hospice Home Photography

Photography is often called the beautiful hustle. That is because many photographers often shoot for various industries in order to diversify their portfolio or simply make ends meet in a more creative way. Our team knows that hustle first-hand! Recently, some of our real estate photographers have gotten together to lend their talents to the interesting field of hospice care photography.

Hospice care facilities often hire photographers to shoot pictures for advertising brochures to help bring in more patients. When I heard this was an actual field of photography, I thought it was a great idea. I know when my family was considering hospice care for my grandfather, we looked at many brochures and “virtually” toured some facilities as well. One of them, Hospice Care Atlanta, stood out. Although my grandfather did not end up in hospice care, we were impressed with how well the staff not only marketed their services with pictures, but how knowledgeable and caring they were.  

State of the art hospice photography and hospice virtual tours is big business. That is why real estate photographers have partnered with hospice and palliative care centers in Atlanta to provide quality photos for marketing purposes. Think about it. Pictures advertise everything from homes and cars to clothes and shoes. That is an “in-your-face” type advertisement, however. With hospice care photography, the goal is to subtly show potential patients and their family members the benefits of choosing a particular facility as opposed to another.

At the end of the day, the photography business is all about showcasing a message. Whether you are a real estate photographer or a freelance photographer, your job is to convey a message to an audience much like a writer. Our real estate photographer are skilled in their craft enough to successfully convey different types of messages. They are the best in the business, not matter what business that may be!



Should You Really Have a Blog?

Hopefully by now it’s pretty clear that the solution is a powerful yes, however i’ll conclude here.

In case you’re a professional photographer, you ought to have a blog in 2016. Customers are getting personal again, as well as a blog lets you leverage that shift. It’s also perfect for SEO, marketing, encouraging word of mouth, engaging your past, present and future clients, and sharing your hard work. No-brainer.

Even though you’re just getting started on your journey to being a real estate photographer, setting up a blog early will constantly increase your personal brand. You’ll get into the habit of blogging consistently, and you’ll be getting some awesome advertising when you’re a full-fledged pro!

If you’re a hobbyist? Well, there’s really nothing better than a blog to talk about your passion with to your friends and people close to you! They’ll turn out to be your biggest source of support while you’re learning. And guess what? Someone might come across your work, and even hire you based on your unique vision! Your photography blog may be your ticket to the pros.